Flex Electric Scooter with Seat

$ 399,00

Flex E-Scooter: Comfort Meets Convenience (with Seat!)

Ditch the bike, ditch the pain! Flex offers a cushioned seat, storage basket, & rear suspension – perfect for adult riders. Cruise at 15.5–20 mph with a 16-mile range. Folds for easy storage! Conquer traffic, conquer comfort with Flex!


the Flex Electric Scooter with Seat is not a typical scooter. It is an ideal addition to the scooter and bike family, and adult riders who prefer comfort and convenience will surely love it.

Relax and enjoy the ride, the best is yet to come.

Built-in Cushioned Seat: Get rid of the burden that is on your legs and travel adjustably with enough space for longer periods of time.

Free Storage Basket: Organize your necessities in one single place, making your day trips a piece of cake. Be creative and add some humor to the phrase by experimenting with synonyms and word combinations.

Rear Suspension: Provide some shock absorption to overcome the speed bumps and road imperfections for a better feel.

Power and Performance:

16–18.6 Mile Range: Go out, conquer traffic jams, and step in your commute like a boss.

15.5–20 MPH Top Speed: Whip through traffic or meander leisurely, whatever tempo you decide, you are the driver!

350W–500W Motor: Get a fast and smooth​ ​on-ramp life as you tackle any uphill climb. >

Added Convenience:

Folding Frame: Store your scooter simply by folding it and keeping it in safe storage locations upon your arrival.

14″ Tires: Tackle anything from rough terrain to starting a car with ease.

264 lbs. Payload Capacity: The Flex is designed with versatility in mind, and anyone can ride it with their belongings, except maybe those heavy loads.

The Flex Electric Scooter with seat is the one that every rider who wishes to have a fast ride, a seat for comfort, a folding feature for portability, and an elegant and stylish design would love. The lack of traffic as well as comfort and being free on your own terms, Flex, will bring unforgettable experiences that you will certainly love!

Additional information


Flex Electric Scooter with Seat


350w / 350w / 500w






15.5 mph / 15.5 mph / 20 mph


36v 7.8ah / 36v 8.0ah / 48v 10ah ul2272 compliant


42v 1.5a / 42v 1.5a / 54.6v 2.0a


16 miles / 17 miles / 18.6 miles


aluminum alloy a6061


43lbs / 61lbs / 63lbs

Weight limit

220lbs / 264lbs / 264lbs


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