GX1 Electric Scooter

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The GX1 is our introductory performance eScooter. GOTRAX is always looking to take that next step, and this is our biggest one yet. The GX1 features a dual motor, dual suspension, dual braking, and so much more. For off-road adventurers and riders looking for a boost in speed, this is the e-scooter for you.


GX1 by GOTRAX is everything needed for sport-minded riders and off-road explorers. It is the leader in e-scooters nowadays. This powerhouse is packed with features to take your ride to the next level. This powerhouse is packed with features to take your ride to the next level:

Dual Power: Feel the adrenaline of twin motors, enabling you to accelerate faster than a butterfly in flight and, at the same time, have the capability to breeze up the steep hills.

Double the Comfort: Dual suspension softens off-road obstacles so that you have a velvet-smooth riding experience on any terrain you want to navigate. Use our AI to write for you about any topic! Enjoy

Confident Control: Dual braking system ensures a high level of decline in vehicle speed for additional safety processes. Write an essay that discusses the environmental challenges that we are facing today, including the most significant concerns and their potential effects on our planet. Include possible solutions and suggestions for how individuals can play an active role in addressing these pressing issues.

Crystal Clear View: Upon the rate of your ride, the current charge, and other key metrics, the bright display will alert you using a clear reading.

Go the Distance: Travel up to 25 miles in one charge with the highly reliable and powerful 48v 15ah (720wh) battery that is UL2272 certified.

Built to Last: The GX1 is a frame made of a strong aluminum alloy and steel (A6061), so it can easily withstand any kind of adventure.

Carry It All: The GX1, with a maximum payload of 300 lbs, fits nearly all riders, whether they are carrying gear or have themselves as their valuable payload.

GOTRAX GX1 is not only an electric scooter but an opening for adventure. It gives its riders an opportunity to explore and have a thrilling time. Get ready to dominate off-road terrain, handle urban roads with ease, and experience the newest in electric mobility technology.

Additional information


GX1 Electric Scooter


dual 600w




Lcd digital


30 mph


48v 15ah (720wh) ul2272 compliant


54.6v 3.0a


up to 25 miles


Aluminum alloy a6061 & steel



Weight limit



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