Hiboy S2R Plus Electric Scooter

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Foldable, lightweight, and eco-friendly, the Hiboy S2R Plus electric scooter boasts a 22-mile range and smooth ride on 9″ air-filled tires. Control it with the H2 app and enjoy a comfortable, convenient commute at up to 19 mph. Perfect for short trips and easy storage!



You need an environmentally friendly and convenient Commute? The Hiboy S2R Plus Electric Folding Scooter, coming with a bonus, is a lightweight folding one, which suits a travel commuter well. 22-Mile Range and Ground Travel Offer You An Expedient Option For The Journey Clocking Long Distances. Being a 4.8 pound removable battery for the Hiboy S2R Plus electric motor scooter, the motor scooter can be charged together with these. It is an electric light-wheel scooter for adults, and it has a frame of just 31.5 pounds.

Provided with a 9” size, air-filled tires deliver a comfortable drive quality. Featuring adjustable tension for enhanced comfort and the best cushioning, they allow you to smoothly ride through all the rough terrain by providing optimum stability and steering without much effort. Such an electric scooter is great for short rides, and storage options are the least problem. Having received H2 app support, riders no longer suffer; they’ve got no other options to control the workings of their bikes and scooters. Quickly become a part of your routine and go around your whole day with 19 mph, the Hiboy S2R Plus is the right compact pick for you!

Additional information


19 MPH Max


up to 22 Miles Max


9.0 inch pneumatic tires


E-braking & Disc braking


36V 8.7Ah


LED headlight + taillight


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